It will make you smile.


All students are free to use the university library.

The flowers in the garden are beautiful.

What's the capital city of Finland?

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Nelken betrayed Mayo's trust.

He kept looking at the picture.

Izumi said he wanted to see us before we left.


Egyptair has one daily flight from New York to Cairo.

A cube has six sides.

As soon as he was left alone, he opened the letter.

Scratching his head, Alberto asked, "Have you seen that paperwork that was on the desk, Pratapwant? It's kind of important." "Oh, I threw that crap away last week, Cathy," Manuel replied offhandedly.

I can never stay angry at Kusum for very long.

She uses cheap makeup.

Finding a decent man is more difficult than winning a lottery.

Quit making such a sad face.

Will I receive any help?

Olson is carrying a duffel bag over his shoulder.

Dan's changed so much that I don't think you'd recognize him if you saw him.

She's paid her dues working there for years.

I kind of wandered over to Sunset for a drink.


Engineers have learnt from that failure.

Oh, the train is being delayed.

Corey didn't ask Howard to do anything.

We talked about food prices.

Men and women went into battle.


That's only fair.

We're going back to work.

He gave the go-ahead.

Give me a minute with you.

They watered their horse.

You've been forewarned.

My father sat reading the evening paper.

Axel and Surya are both at work.

We want to reach a wider audience.

Did you tell on Devon?

Only Larry can answer that.


I'm not angry at all of you.

Kuldip and Molly have started respecting each other.

Ragnar and Cathy decided to leave.

People of Almaty, let us create a child-friendly city!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped.


Floria went to a boarding school.


Unable to do this well, he started hitting himself.

The following is thought to be one of the reasons stress damages the stomach's mucous membrane.

Joe purged himself of the suspicion.


Jerald can't even finish a simple job without help.


Do you think she'd go out with me?


Who was going to organize these men into an army?

Duncan has already done enough.

I am a vibrant, very young woman!

Someone must find a way to stop inflation.

Can there be a computer intelligent enough to tell a joke?

Sumitro performed in bars and pubs.

I spent three months in Australia.

My airport shuttle bus leaves at six o'clock.

He often changes his mind.

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He's my sister's husband. He's my brother-in-law.

Clams, mussels and oysters have shells.

Has he worked all day?


I went there of necessity.


Jeannie said he was going to stay up all night.


He drew a chair near her.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

I know where he comes from.

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Babies are interesting to watch.

Soon after this Kay came in again, with thick gloves on his hands, and his sledge slung across his back.

Neal is good at dealing with children.

My promise to come next Sunday still holds good.

Guy was sitting in the front passenger seat when the accident happened.


I enjoyed talking to him.

A friend's coming over tomorrow.

I was stunned.

He loves him for his beauty.

Brenda couldn't see Stan's face. He could only see the top of her head.

He definitely wants to get married in a church.

Is Linder dead?

Even the longest day will have an end.

She put her knitting aside and stood up.

Skeeter likes his life.

What a lovely garden!

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Computers are like cats: totally unpredictable.


The police detected the spy.


I bought this watch at the store.

This is for your benefit.

I'm not a bad person.

Please give me your permanent address.

How will you dispose of this problem?

They love Hokkaido.

She was nowhere in sight.

He stuck his neck out for that idea, and now he's getting all the blame.

I'm too tired to eat.


Michelle's coming.

The policeman carries a whistle.

I should try to help Francois.


What'll happen to him now?

I believe that the boy is honest.

All the sugar fell on the ground.

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Patty had to wait for a long time.

Darryl taught Marion how to play the piano.

We were at the edge of the hurricane.

The two birds built a nest without a building permit.

I loved you more than anybody else ever did.


Do you think it a bad thing?

I didn't see a thing.

It's adorable.

Are you certain nobody followed you?

I was lucky enough to get a good seat.

Stay out of it.

Rick was just about to leave as I arrived.

You wouldn't have recognized Louise.

He never forgot his ambition to become a great statesman.

As it is the wedding of my younger brother I have no other choice but to attend it.

Audrey got wounded in the battle.


Suddenly, there were gunshots.

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Who's the pretty young woman who's with you?

They're in the library.

Vladislav's parents didn't attend his wedding.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Kevan never reads the newspaper.

Who translated this letter?

You're wrong about them.

The breathing becomes more and more hard.

You're with me, OK?

I am so devastated.

I don't have time for reading.


Kent lost weight.

Syun looks young for his age.

What's your rush?


We had a fabulous day on the mountain.

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When do you want to meet him?

A state of emergency has been declared in Washington DC and five states.

Socorrito isn't as lazy as you think he is.

It'll be easier for me to do since I have the right tools for the job.

We have different views on life.

I gave my seat to the old lady.

Kazuhiro decided to take a day off.

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Kerry was speaking to Earle.


I went to the park to play baseball the other day.

The hotel I stayed in was not too far from Olaf's house.

The surviving refugees longed for freedom.


I am late because I overslept.

Dan paid up all his gambling debts.

Toft will be at work on Monday.


He is not a doctor but a teacher.

If the situation doesn't improve, I'll be obliged to take measures.

He is the chosen one.


I wish I had thought of that.

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Are you sure of your answer?

Is the pain unbearable?

That looks like Linda, but it isn't him.

Where can the kids play?

Hungarian is my native language.

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It's clear Tracey doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

Ofer got really angry.

Tatoeba is like a garden: you must plant seedlings, tend to them and watch them grow.

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I'd really like to buy a new car.


Can you deliver that?

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I recognize him.


Dalton said that he will call you later.